For everybody forced to fit in some rigid slot in society. JAWZ is turning it all upside-down! ”

— Siggi Jung - Face to the Wind


JAWZ is heavily influenced by Rock ’n’ Roll and Hip-Hop of the 1980s. He also draws on 90s lyricism, topping everything off with modern and racial twists. 

His iconic image reflects the pioneers of both Hip-Hop and Rock / Metal. Although JAWZ rhymes, he isn’t the typical rockstar / rapper metaphor. JAWZ does both, convincingly. His inspiration seems to emerge from the battlefield of an internal race war. His half-African, half-Caucasian background fuels an intense contempt for stereotypes. It also appears to enhance his ability to communicate with these cultures, an attribute bi-racial people are rarely credited for. 

The decline of Rock ’n’ Roll is forcing today’s youth to deify the classics, while Hip-Hop is rocking-out. This atmosphere sets the stage for an act like JAWZ to excite a worldwide audience. 

JAWZ writes, produces and designs his own lyrics, music and logos. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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